The process of ‘First to Fame’

Our game presentation

A Few days before our presentation we decided to come together to brainstorm ideas for a board game. First to fame was the game we came up with, well technically Tori did but myself and phoebe were in love with the idea of it.

When we came together we already had an idea we just needed to execute it, so as we came together we discussed our game, all of us were putting in many suggestions and this is what we came up with.

With the workload I believe that we managed to evenly divide each section so everyone was doing something and there would be times where we would help each other out, An example of this was when I was writing the game instructions I needed someone to proofread it to see if it made sense or if I needed to add certain things so not only myself but others players could understand hope to play the game


When it came to designing our game we had an idea of using an Iphone as the board and having 12 applications, as we discussed it more I thought it would have been best for us to cut it down to 9 applications so we didn’t need to have as many cards on the game board.

We then realised that we still had heaps of room on the game board so we were thinking of ideas to make the game board full this was when tori made the suggestion on putting widgets on the board, this was when phoebe came up with the idea as putting the clock widget as the spinner and another widget where I thought we could put the whiteboard this made it the game more simple as everything you needed was already on the whiteboard and all you needed to do was place the cards in the allocated spot

Tori then designed the board on Canva and once we were all happy with how it looked we then printed it on A3 and this was when we decided to play test the game.


Once our game was printed we then placed the cards on the game board and played about 2-3 rounds to see if the game would function well and to see if there was anything we needed to fix in order for the game to be about to function.

This is why prototyping and playtesting our game was crucial. In order for the mechanics and game loops to function in our game, we needed to go through the iteration and prototyping process to find flaws and figure out the most efficient ways to plan out every small aspect. 

By doing this, we had a functional prototype that we could playtest to ensure everything went smoothly, all of our game rules made sense and worked together and our game was ready to be played. 

presenting a group game experience design.

Altogether we wrote the instructions and a script for our video. Tori was able to design the slides for our presentation while myself and phoebe were finishing up the script to ensure that the script lined up with our slides. lastly came to recording, that phoebe volunteering doing

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